Favorite Kitchen Tools: Under $20

1. Microplane – I love this for grating ginger into smoothies. Ginger is an amazing anti-inflammatory superfood. 2. Nylon Mesh Strainer – I just bought this for my kefir, because the bacteria react to metal and I love it. I still use my metal one for rinsing beans. 3. Mandoline – I love this for slicing up veggies fast for a quick salad, or slicing up cucumbers with a little himalayan sea salt for a healthy snack. 4. Garlic Press – This one is by far my favorite press. 5. Lemon Squeezer – great for adding a little lemon juice in your water, in a salad dressing, or over dinner.

Vegan: Cauliflower & Yellow Lentil Dal Curry

vegan cauliflower & yellow lentil dal curry


I love curry! This is one of my favorite anti-inflammatory comfort food dishes. You can choose to eat this with rice, but I prefer it as a soup or stew. I tend not to measure things, as most of my recipes are adjustable to taste. I did however measure the spices when I mixed together my curry spice powder.  I used this recipe from Whole New Mom. This one is nice and mild, which is good for sharing your food. Not everyone likes things as spicy as me! You can also use any curry blend of your choice, or adjust her recipe to taste, or just guess and test which is what I usually do if I don’t have a blend pre-made.

Vegan: Cauliflower & Yellow Lentil Dal Curry
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4
  • ¾ lb yellow lentil dal
  • curry powder to taste
  • ¾ of a cauliflower or just add in as much as you wish
  • himalayan sea salt to taste
  1. Soak lentils overnight with a little bit of lemon juice. This will help get rid of the phytic acid in beans, and prevent the gas.
  2. Rinse, then boil beans in pot of water for about ten minutes. When it's mush, it's ready.
  3. Add in curry powder to taste.
  4. (Optional) Bulk up dish without adding calories by adding chopped cauliflower, then continue to cook until cauliflower is at preferred level of mushiness. This is a great substitute if you prefer potatoes in your curry.
  5. Add some cayenne pepper, hot sauce, or spicy chutney to the dish to give it some heat.

Mood and Gut Bacteria

Many people are now aware of the numerous ways in which our intestinal bacterial balance affects our overall health.  Candidiasis/Gut disbiosis have been linked to a myriad of health concerns including autism, cancer, autoimmune diseases and many other serious ailments.  Even many conventional allopathic medical practitioners recommend taking a good probiotic supplement  when they prescribe antibacterial drugs to a patient. Eating habits, drug consumption, activity level, and stress all impact our inner ecology.  I find that I have a natural tendency to focus more on the importance of what I am eating rather than deeply appreciating and reminding myself of the good I do for myself when I relax, laugh, and let go of guilt for not having the “perfect” diet.  The past month or so I have been making an active effort to whole heartedly appreciate what experiences come my my way with less judgement.  While I know I still have quite a way to go, I’ve been enjoying the break from worrying if I am eating/exercising/sleeping/living adequately.  Although I can’t see all the probiotic buggies in my tummy, I definitely notice relief in my symptoms.

Book Review: The Magnesium Miracle

As someone who deals with chronic pain, getting my muscles to relax is extremely important. I’ve found Epsom Salt baths too time consuming, plus I prefer showers, so I wanted to do more research on this mineral to make sure I was taking the right dosage, as well as the right type of magnesium. I flipped to that section, and found that information pretty easily. I chose to go with a chelated magnesium glycinate/lysinate because it doesn’t have a laxative effect on the body.

Then, I read it cover to cover to understand the role magnesium plays in the body and with different diseases. I like how it was organized by different diseases as it could be a quick reference to someone with a busy schedule. It also showed recommended dosages for each disease, which I found to be extremely helpful.

She does provide a list of magnesium rich foods, but magnesium is a mineral that is often deficient in our soil, therefore, deficient in our food. That’s why I prefer this mineral in supplement form, although I think the information regarding a magnesium diet is still valuable. Since “many Americans remain dangerously deficient,” this book is a valuable read for everyone, and is easily understood by a reader without medical background.

Hope this helps, Later health nuts ; )

Spandex Love

I found these really cheap on ebay and put them on my health wish list. I try and walk 2 to 5 miles a day. Not only is walking great for digestion, it’s also great for a bathing suit butt, cheaper than a gym, and reduces stress. I like listening to new bands, or a health-related audio book when I walk. Then, not only am I getting a workout, but I’m also learning about an awesome band, or the latest health information. I also like this Pedometer app, so I can keep track of how long and far I walk. The app I linked is free, but I upgraded because I liked it, and I wanted more GPS features, plus it keeps track of your walking history.

Supplement Update

All of the supplements I take are under the supervision of a Naturopath, after undergoing various blood, saliva, urine, and stool tests. Although, I personally prefer to get my nutrition from whole foods, I do believe there is a place for supplements in your health routine. Although I would love to be 100% natural, we live in a unnatural world and I am not willing to completely discount supplements as another tool in achieving good health. I still believe, and no I’m not a doctor or health professional, that food is more bio-available to the body, and safer then a pill. Especially, since supplements are not regulated.

Here are some supplements that I take, and am confident in their quality as they were either recommended to me by my doctor, or added in after extensive online research. ( FYI – I’m also always trying to improve my diet, and my supplement needs change as my diet changes.)

Quantum Health Super Lysine – This is great to keep from getting sick or if you get any virus outbreaks. There is vitamin c, lysine, garlic bulb, echinacea, propolis, and licorice root in it.

Doctor’s Best 100% Chelated Magnesium – This is chelated magnesium glycinate/lysinate from Albion Minerals. Same magnesium that’s in Xymogen’s Opticleanse. Our soil is deficient in magnesium so even if you eat healthy with magnesium rich foods, that’s no guarantee you are getting as much as you need. This form of magnesium does not have a laxative effect. I started taking this after reading The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.

Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health – For my stressed out hormones. I’m planning on reading the hormone diet by Natasha Turner, ND. So will get back to you with a book review and more info on how hormones effect health

Pure Encapulations Vitamin D3 (I take 3,000 iu) – even if you get plenty of sunshine you still might be low in the “sunshine vitamin” I was. Get tested for proper dosage.

Pure Encapulations Lipotropic Detox or Methyl Life Support – helps your b-12 get absorbed and properly utilized by the body

Methyl Life B-Methylated – activated B-12, important for vegans and even meat eaters are low.

Carlson Vitamin K2 as Menatetronone – I’m still doing research on this one but I decided to add it into the mix in the mean time. On my reading list is Vitamin K2 and the Calicum Paradox by Dr. Kate Rheume-Bleue, BSc., ND I will try to get a book review up as soon as I’m done.

Thorne Plant Enzymes – I take this when I eat cooked vegan food, as heat destroys the enzymes

Xymogen ProbioMax Plus DF – I take this when I don’t have the time or money to incorporate fermented food into my diet. Although I think this is a good product for what is out there, it is very expensive especially for long time use. I’ve started making and drinking Kefir instead from Kefir grains, which are the good bacteria. Kefir from the store is made from specific strains of the good bacteria, not the whole kefir grains, and is in my opinion, an inferior product.

Xymogen OptiCleanse GHI Protein Powder – I supplemented with this when I was a raw food vegan, it tastes awful, I get unsweetened & unflavored because the added sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. If you need advice on how to drink this w/o throwing up – convo me.

Hope this helps. Later, health nuts ; )

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