Avocado Honey Ice Cream

Avocado Honey Ice Cream - Healing and Eating

I know avocado honey ice might seem like a crazy flavor, but it was actually really delicious. The avocado taste is very mild and healthy fat gives this ice cream a nice rich texture. Make sure you use a high quality honey, since the flavor of the honey really shines through in this recipe. I’m obsessed with Honey Pacifica Creamy Wildflower Raw Honey. It’s local sourced and raw, plus the wildflower gives it a nice floral sweetness.

To preserve the lovely green color from the avocados, I made sure this ice cream is never exposed to air unnecessarily. I couldn’t help it when it was being churned in the ice cream maker (only for 18 minutes!), but when it comes to chilling the ingredients and then storing the ice cream in a freezer, use some saran wrap and push down into the mixture so there are no pockets of air. I use the same technique for storing guacamole. No air equals no browning.

Overall, I’m really happy with the way this recipe turned out and I would definitely make it again. I’m also really satisfied with my ice cream maker. It’s a Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, and I’ve been really happy with the way my recipes have been turning out and how easy it is to make ice cream. There is just one on and off button for churning ice cream, and as long as you have the right volume of ingredients and enough fat in your recipe, the results are awesome! You need the right volume, because the churning causes the ice cream to expand and if you overfill your ice cream maker things will get messy. Without enough fat, your ice cream will have the texture of sorbet, which I don’t enjoy as much. Especially, when my goal is to make a smooth and creamy ice cram.

Avocado Honey Ice Cream
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 quart
  • 2½ cups of full fat coconut milk
  • 1 cup of mashed avocado (about 4 small avocados)
  • ½ cup of honey (Honey Pacifica Creamy Wildflower Honey)
  1. In a blender combine all ingredients, until smooth and silky.
  2. Then cover mixture with saran wrap, pressing into the mixture, to eliminate any pockets of air.
  3. Chill for one hour, then remove saran wrap and add mixture to ice cream maker.
  4. Follow directions on ice cream maker. Normally I have to churn the ice cream for 20 minutes, but this mixture finished sooner at about 18 minutes. The saturated fat caused it to solidify quickly.
  5. Then store in a freezer container, and again cover with saran wrap, eliminating any air pockets.
  6. Freeze overnight. When ready to serve, defrost tub for half an hour.
Use chopped raw pecans for a healthy topping.

10 thoughts on “Avocado Honey Ice Cream”

    1. It should be fine, because there is plenty of fat from the avocado to make the ice cream nice and creamy, but I prefer full fat cans of coconut milk from Native Forest. They are organic and BFA free, and the fat (coconut cream) gives the ice cream the thick and creamy texture.

  1. Hi, I am starting a blog of lifestyle for women, including healthy recipes. I would like to talk about the versatility of avocado, them I selected some recipes in Pinterest, yours is one of them. Can I share one of the pictures and the link?
    You will not be able to navigate on in for now, because the first posts are being built, but I linked in anyway. thanks!

    1. You could try freezing the ingredients in a ice cube tray, and then blending them in the vitamix with a little liquid or try the food processor. You’ll end up with a product that is more of a soft serve than traditional ice cream.

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