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Good Ol’ Lemon Juice

Ever since I began making my own meals at home, I use up lemons like a mad woman. Nothing brings out  the savory flavors of a dish like quite like citrus and I could just about always go for a glass of stevia sweetened lemonade.  Last weekend I went to the Santa Monica farmers market and bought a massive five pound bag of lemons for the week.  I recently rediscovered a small citrus juicer that I had forgotten about, so I decided to put it to use.  I Juiced the entire bag, and bottled up the juice to store in the fridge for convenient usage throughout the week.  It was lovely not to have to pick out lemon seeds from sauce pans, and not to worry about paper cuts stinging while squeezing juice out of lemon halves. I’m definitely going to keep pre-juicing these suckers!

Mood and Gut Bacteria

Many people are now aware of the numerous ways in which our intestinal bacterial balance affects our overall health.  Candidiasis/Gut disbiosis have been linked to a myriad of health concerns including autism, cancer, autoimmune diseases and many other serious ailments.  Even many conventional allopathic medical practitioners recommend taking a good probiotic supplement  when they prescribe antibacterial drugs to a patient. Eating habits, drug consumption, activity level, and stress all impact our inner ecology.  I find that I have a natural tendency to focus more on the importance of what I am eating rather than deeply appreciating and reminding myself of the good I do for myself when I relax, laugh, and let go of guilt for not having the “perfect” diet.  The past month or so I have been making an active effort to whole heartedly appreciate what experiences come my my way with less judgement.  While I know I still have quite a way to go, I’ve been enjoying the break from worrying if I am eating/exercising/sleeping/living adequately.  Although I can’t see all the probiotic buggies in my tummy, I definitely notice relief in my symptoms.