About Me

close-up-profile-pic-close-cropMy name is Lauren Bolanos and I currently live in Los Angeles. For the past couple years, I’ve been struggling with chronic nerve pain. This has led me to research fitness and nutrition as a way to reduce the pain and inflammation in my body. Along the way, I’ve learned what really works when you want to gain or lose weight, what foods will improve your health, and what is just hype. I’ve been on many different diets to reduce inflammation, and now like to focus on dairy-free whole foods that are low in sugar and prepared from scratch.

I’ve also been to many western and eastern doctors, integrative doctors, as well as occupational and physical therapists. I’m always trying to learn more about health and love reading about nutrition. Hopefully, the information and recipes I’ve learned along the way will help you make more informed decisions on your own health journey. For me, exercise and massage is my most effective way of immediately relieving pain. I’ve found low-impact cardio such as light jogging, the elliptical, walking, and hiking to be very therapeutic.

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