Ten Kitchen Essentials for Thanksgiving

Ten Kitchen Essentials for ThanksgivingHere are some of my must-have gadgets and favorite kitchen essentials for entertaining this Thanksgiving.

1. Remote Roasting Thermometer aka Probe Thermometer – Although the name sounds dirty, they are amazing! The first time I made a turkey on my own, I used this to get perfectly done juicy turkey. It beeps and flashes when the meat is done, and you can literally watch the temperature going up without opening the oven.

2. Food Processor – Only two words are necessary – pie crust.

3. Prep Bowls –  If you think you have enough think again. I would also recommend ones that come with lids, and are pretty enough to use to serve people.

4. Blender – I love my Vitamix and I have used it for everything including flour-less gravy and mashed cauliflower. If you don’t want to splurge, you can easily find a budget blender or use an immersion blender to make all that pureed goodness.

5. Wine Cooler and/or Bottle Opener – How did I not know that red wine tastes better at the correct temperature? (Between 60 to 70 degrees) Maybe not an essential, but now that I’m spoiled, well, I think it’s worth it. A  corkscrew and/or bottle opener to get at the wine is definitely an essential. I like ones that have a foil cutter option.

6. Kosher Salt – For a dry salt brine for the turkey. This is my favorite way to prepare and flavor the turkey.

7. Roasting Pan – It will just make things easier. I know they can be pricey, but the cheap aluminum ones at the grocery store can break, and well, you want to break out the nice stuff for the holidays.

8. Gravy Strainer and Boat – If you make traditional gravy, you need a strainer. Plus you need a gravy boat to serve it in. Make sure you get a gravy boat that comes with a matching dish to put it on.

9. Large Sharp Knife or Carving Set – To cut that delicious bird.

10. Trivets Mats – You will have a lot of hot plates that you need to put them under.




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