Detox Symptoms from Kefir

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So, I’ve noticed my throat has been a little scratchy and my acne has been a little worse. Which begs the question, am I sick … or is it detox symptoms. This is not the first time I ‘ve experienced detox symptoms. When I first changed my diet, I went from eating whatever I wanted to pounding the green smoothies. Although my pain level felt better (for about a week), I experienced a migraine, which is rare for me, and fever-like symptoms. Thanks to google, I was quickly reassured that this was normal. Plus, I only felt awful for a day, so it was no big deal.

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, and thought I might be getting sick. My throat felt sore, and I’ve been feeling feverish and acne prone, despite my low sugar diet. Since I’ve experienced detox before, I thought I would refresh my memory on what the symptoms could be. Turns out just adding kefir into your diet can bring on detox symptoms, and these symptoms can even mimic the flu: sore throat, swollen throat glands, and/or feeling feverish.With this new knowledge, I’ve decide to proceed carefully with the kefir, drink plenty of water with lemon juice (some extra Vitamin C couldn’t hurt right now), and take some relaxing, hot baths. Flu or detox, eventually this will all pass when you take care of yourself.

12/9/13 Update

I went to a cheese making class with plenty of samples and the same week I bought some grass fed local ghee when I was on a trip to San Diego. I noticed when I ate these foods I got the same sore throat I had when drinking kefir. So I’ve decided that these symptoms are from an allergy to dairy. I still consume fermented sauerkraut, kombucha, and apple cider vinegar regularly and will continue on a gluten and dairy free diet.

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  1. I have been drinking homemade milk kefir since early January, nearly 4 months. Yesterday, I suffered from what I would classify as food poisoning symptoms. If this is a healing episode, why is it happening now?

  2. Try a waterkefir instead of milkkefir. Just add plenty of dried fruits from which the Kefir can take its sugar to ferment with. Good luck!

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